Meet The Team

Meet The Team



Owner / CEO Ontario


Angela has been in the service industry for 20+ years.

Traveling across Europe, offering taste of Italian Tours, Wine Tours in Italy and across Ontario.


Event Planning has been a passion for years, planning your perfect weekend or day is what she does best!


She is a Certified Pole Fitness & Yoga Instructor, Life Coach and Wine Enthusiast.

She has multiple diplomas and certifications in fitness, beauty, nutrition hospitality and business.



Wine Tour & Admin Director PEC


Debi has been with the team for over 7 years.

She has extensive knowledge and experience with Wine Tours in Italy and across Ontario.


She has been the facilitator and organizer for most of the PEC wine tours. 


Her bubbly and vivacious personality always shines with every Wine Tour she runs. 



Lead Instructor & Director for Blue Mountain


Stacey has been part of the team for 12 years and in the events and fitness industry for 20+ years. 

Yoga, Pole Fitness and dance has been a big part of her career and passion.


She loves to create custom flash dance as well as creative flows with pole / chair and yoga.


Wine is a newer modality for her and she loves to pair wine with unique foods.



Events Instructor, Yoga Instructor and Wine Tour Coordinator.


Andie has been part of our team for over 6 years.

She loves all things yoga and has a passion and zest for adventure and outdoors and a true Country girl at heart.


She loves the art and fitness of pole and how empowering it is to women. 





Kelly is new to the team and brings so much value to keeping things running smoothly.

She has been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years.

She loves people and has a passion for life and has an incredible memory ( especially someones name ) 



Dance and Wine Tastings Host

Rebecca is new to the team this summer and brings  passion and super fun spirit to our dynamic team.

She has extensive experience in the hospitality and tourism industry on cruise ships with performance and coordinating.


She has a vivacious outlook on life and her beauty inside and out shines through.



Wine Tastings & Tour Host

Alex is new to the team this summer and brings a fun balance to the team!

He has extensive knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry in Vancouver, Hawaii and Toronto with multiple Wine

Certifications and Management in top Restaurants in the City.



Administration & Social Media

Connor has been working behind the scenes helping coordinate online and for many years.

He is currently enrolled in Business It / Management at Ottawa U.

He will be heading up Ottawa / Quebec areas when we expand in 2023