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Wine Trivia 2023



What are 2 things you would have on a charcuterie board ?






A ) According to wine experts, what area does the best Red Wine come from ?



A) Italy


B) Portugal


C ) California


D ) Spain


E ) Chile



( Correct answer D )




Where is Champagne Made ?



A) Spain


B ) France


C ) Germany


D ) Greece


E ) All of the above



( Correct answer B )




Where is Cava made ?



A) Portugal


B) Chile


C) Hungary


D) Spain


E) All of the above



( Correct answer D )




Where is Prosecco Made?



A) Germany


B) Italy


C) California


D) Greece


E) All if the above



( Correct answer B ) —————————————


What does Legs Mean in a wine glass ?



A) Wine is dancing


B) its Organic


C) wine has gone bad


D) alcohol content


E) age of wine



( Correct answer is D )


The legs are caused by alcohol, so it's thought that the more legs, the higher the alcohol content of a wine.





Is a Pinot Noir


( A ) Light Body


( B ) Medium Body


( C ) Full Body



( correct answer A )




What is a Franciacorta Wine ?



( A ) port wine


( B ) late harvest wine


( C ) red wine


( D ) rose wine


( E ) sparkling wine



( Answer E )





What do you think a traditional Rose wine is ?



( Answer - It is a Red Wine, the skins aren’t left in the wine as long, while fermenting ).






Where does Chardonnay originate from ?



Burgandy France ( and takes its name from a small town in the Maconnais )



Known as the “chameleon grape” grown across the globe


Can grow in extreme climate conditions.

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